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Presenting the best application possible when submitting your name to post-secondary institutions is vital. If you want to get into the college of your choice, then you will want to work with the professionals at Ed-Prep Consulting.

Our whole business is focused on offering college preparation guidance to students. This guidance is designed to help students and adults understand workforce needs to shape their education and skills in preparation for the future. Call us today to discuss your plans for the future and learn how we can help you start down the path toward turning your dreams into a reality.

How We Help Our Clients

The college preparation guidance we offer includes many steps beyond just application prep. When you work with us, we will also provide you with tips and strategies to help you improve your time management and study skills—two necessary talents you will need to develop if you want to make an impression on admissions or business recruiters.

You can also depend on us for advice and assistance when looking to choose your college major or minor or are looking to connect your experience to the job market or grad programs. If you’re already in college and looking to transfer to another school, our team can assist you with that as well.

When you choose our consulting services, we get to work in the following ways:

First, we take the time to understand your needs fully.

Then, we outline how we will provide you with the required services and provide a cost estimate.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the estimate, we will set up a contract so that we can get started working for you.

Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (816) 800-2046, or use our contact form below to get started.

Contact us 24/7 at +1 816-800-2046 or use our contact form below.