Ed-Prep Consulting provides support services to high school students, K12 educators/administrators and college students to ensure their success in education. We are committed to helping you achieve measurable success in your work. We do this by providing you with fresh ideas, data, guidance, information and strategies that are tried-and-true. We have harnessed vast experience that enables us to provide you with the following services:

Services for High School Students:

Workforce DevelopmentWe work with students and adults (in groups or individually) to help them understand the current and future workforce needs, including trends in workforce needs, talent needs and relevant educational/skills preparation.

College Preparation: We help students (domestic and international) through the college application process, step-by-step. We find it best to start during their junior year in high school. But we can serve students at any stage and in any grade in high school.

Services for K12 Educators/Administrators:

Professional Development for Educators and AdministratorsWe provide educational services to schools and school districts to help them improve the quality of instructional programs delivered to their learners. Our services are tailored to address institutional desired outcomes such as measurable student learning outcomes, increasing retention/graduation and placement rates.

Services for College Students:

Success in College:  We help individual students in college by providing information, tips and strategies proved to be successful in developing proper time-management skills and study techniques in preparation for success in college.

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