Career Path Planning at Every Stage of Academia

Ed-Prep Consulting is here to offer much-needed support to high school and college students as well as K-12 educators and administrators to ensure their educational success. Our career path planning team members are committed to helping you achieve measurable success in your academic career. They do this by supplying you with fresh ideas, data, guidance, information, and tried-and-true strategies. We have amassed vast experience over the years that empowers us to bring you the following services:

Services for High School Students:

Workforce Training: We work with students and adults in groups or individually to help them understand the workforce’s needs both now and in the future. These include talent trends and education and skills preparation.

College Preparation Services: Ed-Prep Consulting guides domestic and international students step-by-step through the college application process to improve their chances of acceptance. We find it best to start during their junior year of high school, but we can still offer help planning for college at any stage.

Services for K12 Educators/Administrators:

Professional Development: We provide educational services to schools and school districts to improve the quality of their instructional programs. Our services are tailored to address each institution’s desired and measurable outcomes. Some examples are increasing graduation, retention, and placement rates.

Services for College Students:

Success in College: Ed-Prep works with college students by sharing information, tips, and strategies proven to be successful in developing time-management and study skills.

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