Tailored College Preparation Services and More

Set your students up for success with help from Ed-Prep Consulting. We provide a diverse array of solutions, including college preparation services for high schoolers, professional development training for educators, and targeted advice for university students. Our team is committed to facilitating measurable success through fresh ideas, data, guidance, and tried-and-true strategies.

Services for High School Students

Workforce Development: We educate teenagers (in groups or individually) about current and future workforce needs, including which industries are perennially in-demand or up-and-coming and the relevant education or skills needed to enter those fields.

College Preparation: Our team delivers college preparation guidance to groups and individuals to ensure they are ready for university. We provide application information and tips, as well as education on crucial skills like time management and study techniques.

Services for K-12 Educators/Administrators

Professional Development: Improve the quality of your instructional programs with our professional development services for K-12 educators and administrators. Our solutions address your specific goals, such as achieving measurable student learning outcomes, increasing retention/graduation, and improving placement rates.

Services for College Students

Higher Education Success: Beyond college preparation guidance, we also help individual university students by instructing them in the skills they need to be successful in higher education, like time management and effective methods for studying.

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