Skills Summary

Dr. Cleo Samudzi is a senior education leader and expert with more than 25 years of progressive national and global experience in classroom teaching, student advising/mentoring, staff training and development, research/analysis and strategic planning, administration in higher education and the P-20 system.  Dr. Samudzi’s greatest skills strengths are in (1) his leadership in education, (2) ability to create value through teaching/mentoring, research and analysis, and grants management, and (3) ability to engage others.  Below is a summary of these skills

1. Leadership in education: Dr. Samudzi is a visionary and innovative leader who will help guide individuals and institutions through:

  • Academic advising and coaching (individuals)
  • Ways to improve student outcomes (individuals and institutions)
  • Strategic planning and goal setting (institutions)
  • Design and implementation of strategic initiatives (institutions)
  • Developing and implementing learning models grounded in best practices and research (institutions)
  • Launching and growing new academic programs (institutions)

2.Dr. Samudzi is highly effective in creating value through:

  • Teaching, mentoring and evaluation of academic programs
  • Research and other scholarly activities
  • Grants management

3. Dr. Samudzi is very skilled at engaging other people through:

  • Excellence in oral and written communication
  • Promoting a collaborative working environment
  • His ability to interact effectively with individuals or groups of individuals different from a variety of backgrounds (intercultural competence)   

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